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Learn how you can grow wealth risk-free and never pay taxes again, all legally under IRC §§ 101, 7702, 2010, 2631! Wealth building and asset protection for you and your family, for hundreds of years.

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Start a family dynasty to harbor your family's tax-free wealth and family values, forever!

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Comprehensive, integrative wealth-building, estate, asset protection and legacy plans

An attorney in solo practice, Thomas Swenson helps clients create tax-free retirement income and build tax-free wealth and tax-free legacy plans for their families. Using well-known structures and techniques, completely legal and tax-law compliant, he can help you preserve family values and family wealth in one or more well-governed dynasty trusts that last many generations, even perpetually. He works together with a network of the best experts and service providers across various specialties to design and implement the best plans for achieving your goals.

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Start a family dynasty trust to harbor your family's wealth and family values, forever!

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